Bridge Design and Building
Bridges - a musical journey to the world's most amazing bridges
Bridge Building activity sheet (includes "how to" videos for using West Point Bridge Design software)
Bridge Blueprint (get a paper copy from your teacher)
West Point Bridge Design software
is already on your netbook.  Open it from your desktop icon. 
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Howe Truss 2010
Pratt Truss 2010
Warren Truss 2010
Select one of these bridge designs: (click the link under the picture) 
Or Design your own bridge form scratch
Howe Truss 2011
Pratt Truss 2011
Warren Truss 2011
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Bridge Project Checklist
Bridge  Design Background Activities (from the Physics Main Page)
Building Basics
Newton's Laws of Motion
Inclined Plane
Potential Energy
Kinetic Energy
Energy Conservation in a System           study guide
Weights and Mass           study guide
Gravity Pitch           study guide
Levers           study guide
Inclined Plane - sliding objects          study guide
Bridge Blueprint (click to enlarge)
Bridge Rendering (click to enlarge)
Bridge Test (click to enlarge)
Economical Bridge (click to enlarge)
Titanic of Bridges (click to enlarge)
Unique Bridge (click to enlarge)
I was told there would be no math!!
Do the Math
Do the Math answers
Newton's Laws of Motion -  Don't forget to "do the math"!!
I was told there would be no math!!
Bridge Project Checklist
Simple Machines
Rube Goldberg Machines
Roller Coasters
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New Lessons from Interactive Science