Physics - the study of forces, motion and the laws that explain it all

      Students will experiment with Newton's laws of motion in both traditional hands-on lab activities and
      with the latest technology based activities designed to give students a good foundation for future
     studies in physics and engineering.  We will certainly look forward to designing and building our own
     "machines" and tweaking them until they work as planned (sometimes we change the plan after we see
      how they work)!
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Do these activities this year:
1. Gizmos - You will first need to enroll in a Gizmos course.  
4. Newton's Laws of Motion - complete the activity, take the quiz, summarize in OneNote.  Don't forget to "do the math"!!
5. Simple Machines -
Simple Machines (Museum of Science and Industry Chicago)
Simple Machines interactive (COSI)  - complete all three parts.  Take screen captures and summarize in OneNote
9. Challenging Physics Games - try these "games" when all of your other work is done. They will require you to
                                                                  build up skill but mostly they will make you think.  Include your favorite ones in
                                                                  OneNote and describe how you solved your biggest challenge.
A few screen shots would be nice.
2. Brain Pop - view these Brain Pop lessons and take the review quiz for each.        
(your brain pop username and password are available from your teacher)

    Force and Motion
      Newton's Laws of Motion               Gravity
      Work                                                  Flight
      Force                                                  Space Flight
      Distance, Rate,Time                         Potential Energy
      Acceleration                                     Kinetic Energy
3. PHET Simulations - complete the following PHET simulations.  Be sure to open the activity pages (fill in the forms).   
7. Bridge Building - design your own bridge!!  See the activity sheet for details.

Bridge Building activity sheet
        Bridges Presentation
Bridge Blueprint
Simple Machines
Gears                                                   Hydraulics
Inclined Plane                                     Levers
Pulley                                                   Wheel and Axle
Building Basics
(tiny, tiny robots)
(click to login)
Complete each Gizmo (and online assessment).  The activity forms below will guide you.  Fill in the forms and send them to OneNote.
6. Test your ingenuity - try these design engineering challenges. Be sure to include your best designs in your website portfolio. 
Coconut Run
Particle Pro
Piggy Power
See your teacher for details and your class code.
Laws of Motion
Roller Coaster Physics
Shoot the Monkey
Free Fall
Air Track

Archimede's Principle
Energy of a Pendulum
Period of a Pendulum
Fan Cart Physics
Golf Range
Simple Machines
Pulley Lab
Inclined Plane - sliding objects
Inclined Plane - rolling objects
Ants on a Slant
Wheel and Axle
Advanced Activities
Inclined Plane - Simple Machine
Determining a Spring Constant
Moment of Inertia
Simple Harmonic Motion
Atwood Machine

8. Physics Labs -  check with your teacher for special instructions on all labs.  Be sure to check out all background activities first.

Pulley Lab - first do Brain Pop "Pulley", Gizmo "Pulley Lab", and Simple Machines Interactive (above).
Crash Dummies Lab
Distance and Speed
Distance - Time and Velocity
Distance - Time Graphs
click for calculator
Introduction - start here
Weight and Mass
Gravity Pitch
Energy Conversions

Energy Conversion in a System
Module V Formative Assessment - Log in to Quizstar             
This assessment will check how well you are learning.  It will not be graded and can be taken more than one time.
Complete all activites and labs before attempting this assessment.  You may need to review the activies and labs before attempting a retake. 
"Print" completed quiz to OneNote
Module V Summative Assessment - Log in to Quizstar (take PhET / Newton's Laws / Simple Machines)
This assessment will check how well you have learned.  It will be graded. 
Check with your teacher before taking this assessment, you will have only one attempt.
Your best 5 Gizmo quizes will count as a summative assessment.
Energy Skate Park
Projectile Motion
Lunar Lander
Collision activity
Energy Skate Park activity / Energy Skate Park Potential and Kinetic EnergyEnergy Skate Park Simulator  
Projectile Motion activity
Lunar Lander activit
West Point Bridge Design software
is already on your netbook.  Open it from your desktop icon. 
(click the picture to download it at home)
Great Balloon Challenge
Space Station
Do the Math
I was told there would be no math!!
Use Newton's Laws to meet these challenges:
Howe Truss 2010
Pratt Truss 2010
Warren Truss 2010
Select one of these bridge designs: (click the link under the picture)
Howe Truss 2011
Pratt Truss 2011
Warren Truss 2011
Brain Pop espanol
Do the Math answers
These activities have been discontiued but we're hoping they will return someday.
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