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Whoa, theres a lot of stuff in this module!
I don't know if my HEART can take it.
   Complete the following activites and labs. Fill out the online study guides and save to your files.  An arrow          indicates a study guide to be filled out.  A              sign shows those activites that will give you a basic understanding of the concepts.  Do these first if you are having difficulty.   Document your work in your science website portfolio.                     Take all assessments.                                                             

Module V Formative PRE-Assessment  / The Heart           
This assessment will check your prior knowlege.  It will not be graded but should give you an idea of which parts of Module V you should spend the most time on.
Human Biology Module V - Circulatory System
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Get Body Smart  
Circulatory System
Site Map
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the circulatory system of Get Body Smart)
Study Guide    
Circulatory System
Circulatory System Background
Lymphatic System
Blood Pressure
Blood Types
Blood Glucose Meter
Blood Typing Game
Circulatory System Anatomy
3D Interactive Anatomy - a resource for Human Anatomy

Skeletal System (can also be run online at the Anitronica website)
Requires Unity Web Player to run
Click the picture to go to the Circulatory System
Anatomy Arcade /  Jigsaw Puzzle -The Heart                                 
Note: this activity will not work well on a netbook
                 (it requires a bigger screen)
Circulatory System      
The Heart Tutorial      
Heart Tutorial Study Guide    
Heart Sounds weblab
Heart Sounds weblab study guide
Heart Attack!!
Circulatory System Web Links activity
The Cardiac Cycle
Heart Contraction and Blood  Flow
Heart Disease
Clogged Arteries
Coronary Bypass Surgery
Coronary Angioplasty
A.D.A.M Video Library (Select by topic)

Circulatory System  Blood Flow / Blood Clotting / Blood Pressure /   
                                         Electrocardiogram Interactive / Heart Interactive

Virtual Body - The Heart   
The ECG Game
The Blood
a Drop of Blood Lab - Synthetic Blood Typing
The Heart
Heart Rhythms
Animated Heart (virtual body)
Narrated Tour (virtual body)
Heart Simulator
Heart Rate Simulator
The Circulatory System
Blood and Circulation Simulator
The Heart is a Double Pump
Study Guide 
for Circulatory Web Links Activity
Cardiology Interactive Lab - Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Take your Summative test before going on to the next Module!
Assessments - it's time to take a test!  Get your summative assessment from your teacher!!  
Module V Summative Assessment
This assessment will check how well you have learned the concepts in this Module.  It will be graded. 
This paper and pencil test is available from your teacher.
All assessments for this unit/module must be completed before beginning the next moduule.  Assessments should be taken in science class.
Virtual Open Heart  Surgery  
Operation Heart Transplant  
Study Guide    
There are a lot of cool videos in this presentation!
It takes a little while to load but it's worth it.
Module V Checklist
Click on the Picture
Blood Pressure Clinic
Hey look!  It's a free blood pressure clinic.
Go see your teacher to get your Blood Pressure Checked!!
Do This !!!
I am done with Module V when ...
I can identify the composition of blood ... Red Blood Cells, White Blood Cells, Platelets, etc.
I can interpret results from Hematocrit, Blood Typing, and other Blood tests as found in "Get Body Smart".
I can identify the chambers, major blood vessels, and valves in and around the heart.
I can demonstrate the flow of blood through the heart.
I can interpret basic Electrocardiograms (ECG) to distinguish normal from abnormal heart rhythms.
I have visited every activity in this Module and evaluated it for its usefulness to me. 
I have placed the most important things on my science website portfolio including study guides, images, and summaries. 
I have completed the Summative Assessment.
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What does my Blood Pressure Mean use this link after you have  had your blood pressure taken to better understand what your reading means.
Maybe THIS will help (click this link)
Note:  this lab is divided into two parts.  In Part 1 you will be making a slide of synthetic blood to view under the microscope.  In Part two you will be typing blood and determining which donor could safely give blood to our patient.  You MUST do the two activities above before doing this lab.
The Circulatory System              Study Guide
New Lessons from Interactive Science