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Let's learn about our MUSCLES!
I don't have any muscles...
   Complete the following activites and labs. Fill out the online study guides and save to your files.  An arrow          indicates a study guide to be filled out.  A              sign shows those activites that will give you a basic understanding of the concepts.  Do these first if you are having difficulty.   Document your work in your science website portfolio.                     Take all assessments.                                                             

Module III Formative PRE-Assessment - Microanatomy of Muscles / Muscles of the Body              
This assessment will check your prior knowlege.  It will not be graded but should give you an idea of which parts of Module III you should spend the most time on.
Human Biology Module III - Muscular System
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Muscular System Anatomy
Muscular System Tour  Activity
Get Body Smart  
   Muscular System
Study Guide    
Anatomy Arcade / Poke a MuscleJigsaw Puzzle                                        
Note: this activity will not work well on a netbook.
(it requires a bigger screen)
3D Interactive Anatomy - a resource for Human Anatomy

Requires Unity Web Player to run
Muscular System
(upper body)
click the picture
Muscular System
(lower body)
click the picture
Muscle Fatigue Labs
Dead Meat Lab
Interactive Body - Muscles Game   
A.D.A.M Video Library (Select by topic)

Muscular System    
Excercise / Skeletal Muscle / Muscle Types

Pushing the Limits - Click on "Strength"
watch the video and try the animation
You'll need a microscope for this one.
Making a Temporary Muscle Slide
Assessments - it's time to take a test!  Get your summative assessment from your teacher!!  
Module III Summative Assessment
This assessment will check how well you have learned the concepts in this Module.  It will be graded.
This assessment will require a password from your teacher and must be taken at school. 

All assessments for this unit/module must be completed before beginning the next moduule.  Assessments should be taken in science class.
Take your Summative test before going on to the next Module!
Duchenne Muscular Distrophy
Get a microscope and look at slides of MUSCLE tissue (smooth, cardiac, and skeletal) under low, medium, and high powers.  Draw a picture if you like.
Muscles and Joints
Module III Checklist
The Awesome Arm Lab
Lab Timer
I can demonstrate the flow of blood through the heart.
I am done with Module III when ...
I can identify smooth, skeletal, and cardiac muscle tissue under a microscope and state the function of each.
I can identify the component parts of a muscle: fascicle, myofibril, fiber, nucleus of cell, body of muscle.
I can identify the major muscles of the human body.
I can analyze experimental data using the Moving Arm Model and interpret the meaning of the data.
I have visited every activity in this Module and evaluated it for its usefulness to me. 
I have placed the most important things on my science website portfolio including study guides, images, and summaries. 
I have completed the Summative Assessment.
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