Human Biology
Human Biology
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Time to learn about our cells!
Can I have a tissue ...  a... a...achoo!!
   Complete the following activites and labs. Fill out the online study guides and save to your files.  An arrow          indicates a study guide to be filled out.  A              sign shows those activites that will give you a basic understanding of the concepts.  Do these first if you are having difficulty.   Document your work in your science website portfolio.                     Take all assessments.                                                             

Module I Formative PRE-Assessment / Interactive Human Body              
This assessment will check your prior knowlege.  It will not be graded but should give you an idea of what our  Human Biology unit will focus on.
Human Biology Module I - Introduction / Cells and Tissues
start here
Introduction - do these activities first, they won't take long and will give you a good warm-up for what lies ahead!
Human Body
Presentation: Intro to the Human Body      
Study Guide    
All Systems Go! - help "Arnold" pull himself together.     
Study Guide    
Virtual Compound Microscope
Compound Microscope Lab
do the Virtual Compound Microscope Lab First
Cells and Tissues
Cell Specialization
Cell Structures
Cells Alive! - an interactive cell model
Study Guide    
Module I   Module II   Module III   Module IV   Module V   Module VI   Module VII   Module VIII   Module IX   Module X   FETAL PIG SURGERY  
Cell Structure            Study Guide
Get Body Smart
Overview of Systems  
Study Guide    
Human Body Systems
THE CELL      summarize this in your website portfolio
Cheek Cell Lab                
summarize this in your website portfolio
The Cell and It's Organelles Game
Molecular Biology / Genetics
DNA Game
DNA -  RNA Introduction
Genetic Code Game
try later if it doesn't work
Cell and Tissue online lab                    Study Guide
Cell and Tissue online lab QUIZ (place answers on the study guide)
All assessments for this unit/module must be completed before beginning the next moduule.  Assessments should be taken in science class.
Module I Summative Assessment
This assessment will check how well you have learned the concepts in this Module.  It will be graded. 
This assessment will require a password from your teacher and must be taken at school. .
Assessments - it's time to take a test!  Get your summative assessment from your teacher!!  
Take your Summative test before going on to the next Module!
Module I Checklist
DNA from Cheek Cells Lab
Online Introduction