Human Biology
Human Biology
Links to the Human Biology Unit:

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Videos from Discovery Channel School
United Streaming Video
Virtual Compound Microscope
Get Body Smart
Radiographic Anatomy of the Skeleton
The Skeleton Shakedown
FOSS Human Skeleton
The Virtual Cell
Typical Animal Cell / Worksheet
The Muslce Tutorial
Virtual Pig Dissection
Virtual Knee Surgery / Virtual Hip Surgery / Virtual Brain Surgery / Virtual Open Heart Surgery / Operation Heart Transplant
The Heart House
BBC Human Body
A Student's Guide to the Heart
(from Malcolm)
Body Works Games
Gutweek Digestive System Game
Digestive System Tutorial and Quiz
The Electric Heart
     -Map of the Human Heart
     -Amazing Heart Facts
     -Operation Heart Transplant
The Body Games

     organ game
     muscle game
      skeleton game
      nervous system game
A Balanced Diet (from Digestive Tour Lab)
(from Digestive Tour Lab)
How do you Digest Food? 
(from Digestive Tour Lab)

Disease Detectives
How Infectious Disease Spreads
Respiratory System 
(this link is from Elaina)

Anatomy Arcade / Poke a Muscle / Whack a Bone /  
                                       Jigsaw Puzzles / Crossword Puzzles
                                        and more

The Spine:
Spine Specialty Institute
Back and Neck Pain
Basic Spine
- Brain and Spine Institute of Californina
A.D.A.M Video Library (Select by topic)

Skeletal System      Skeletal components / Bone Fracture Repair
                                        Osteoarthritis / Osteoporosis / RBC Production /
                                        Shoulder Joint Dislocation / Ankle Ligament Injury

Muscular System    
Excercise / Skeletal Muscle / Muscle Types

Digestive System    
Digestion / Heartburn / Peristalsis / Stomach Ulcer

Circulatory System 
Blood Flow / Blood Clotting / Blood Pressure /   
                                         Electrocardiogram Interactive / Heart Interactive

New Lessons from Interactive Science