Human Biology
Human Biology
Labs from the Human Biology Unit:

Click on links below for printable lab sheets and
interactive weblabs.
The Virtual Cell Online Lab / Lab Sheet
Fetal Pig SurgeryLab Online Lab
     Fetal Pig Surgery Lab answer sheet
     Fetal Pig Diagram (color)
     Fetal Pig Permission Slip
Cell and Tissue Lab WebLab
     Cell and Tissue Lab answer sheet
Respiratory and Circulatory System
Circulatory System Lab
      Circulatory System Lab answer sheet

      Heart Sounds WebLab
     The Heart Tutorial         The Blood
Digestive System Tour Lab
     Digestive System Tour Lab answer sheet
     Summary of Digestion Handout
     Summary of Digestion Diagram
gutweek game sheet / gutweek game link
Muscular System Tour Lab Online lab
    Muscular System Tour Lab answer sheet

     The Awesome Arm                                  
Skeletal System Tour Lab
     Skeletal System Tour Lab answer sheet
X-RAYTED Lab:  WebLab
     Radiology Reference Guide
     Radiology Board Exam
     X-Rayted Lab answer sheet
     Patient Survey
     Radiology Review  /  Patient X-ray files  
Videos from Discovery Channel School
United Streaming Video
You Make Me Sick Lab Online Lab/Disease Detectives
   You Make Me Sick Lab answer sheet
Compound Microscope Online  Lab / lab answer sheet
     Compound Microscope Lab pictures
    Station 19 The Fruit Fly pictures
Research sites for Radiology Review:
Spine Specialty Institute
Back and Neck Pain
New Lessons from Interactive Science