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   Complete the following activites and labs. Fill out the online study guides and save to your files.  An arrow          indicates a study guide to be filled out.  A              sign shows those activites that will give you a basic understanding of the concepts.  Do these first if you are having difficulty.   Document your work in your science website portfolio.                     Take all assessments.                                                             

Geology Module III - Historical Geology
Module III Formative PRE-Assessment           
This assessment will check your prior knowlege.  It will not be graded but should give you an idea of which parts of Module VIII you should spend the most time on.
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Module III Checklist
Assessments - it's time to take a test!  Get your summative assessment from your teacher!!  
Module III Summative Assessment
This assessment will check how well you have learned the concepts in this Module.  It will be graded. 
This paper and pencil test is available from your teacher.
All assessments for this unit/module must be completed before beginning the next moduule.  Assessments should be taken in science class.
Take your Summative test before going on to the next Module!
Geologic Time
Physical Events (coal and oil formation)
Biological Events (dinosaurs, etc)
Geologic Time
Geologic Time
Physical Events
Biological Events
Gas and Oil
Fossil Fuels
Dinosaur Story presentation narrated (we'll read it to you!)
Fossil Lab (online lab)
Module I        Module II        Module III        Module IV   
1. New Blood
2. Time of the Titans
3. A Cruel Sea
4. Giants of the Skies
5. Spirits of the Ice Forest
6. Death of a Dynasty
Watch these videos in chronological order to better understand the history of Dinosaurs on Earth
Dinosaur Story presentation music only (you do the reading)
fossil specimens are available in the hallway
Notes: station 25 has a problem you can skip it.  Stations 26, 27, and 28 will take you to other sites.
I am done with Module III when ...
I can recognize a real fossil from a synthetic fossil or organic material.
I can demonstrate an understanding of Geologic Time   by analyzing a time scale chart.
I can observe characteristics of common index fossils to draw conclusions as to the age of rock from which they were found.
I can demonstrate a basic understanding of how fossils formed.
I can draw conclusions  from the fossil record to better understand life in the past.
I can predict future geological and biological trends by observing events of the past.
Gallery Interactives (quick link for stations 27 and 28)
Fossil Lab Answer Sheet
Pink T-Rex by Kaitlin
Pink T-Rex by Kaitlin
New Lessons from Interactive Science