Click on the picture above to view a cool video of crystals growing.
   (viewed through microscope at 40x)
Click HERE for a sugar crystal recipe!
Mineral Characteristics
Mineral Identification
Rock Identification
Rock Cycle
Archive Pages
   Complete the following activites and labs. Fill out the online study guides and save to your files.  An arrow          indicates a study guide to be filled out.  A              sign shows those activites that will give you a basic understanding of the concepts.  Do these first if you are having difficulty.   Document your work in your science website portfolio.                     Take all assessments.                                                             

Geology Module I - Rocks and Minerals
Module I Formative PRE-Assessments           
These assessments will check your prior knowlege.  They will not be graded but should give you an idea of which parts of Module I you should spend the most time on.
start here
Module I Checklist
Assessments - it's time to take a test!  Get your summative assessment from your teacher!!  
Module I Summative Assessment
This assessment will check how well you have learned the concepts in this Module.  It will be graded. 
This paper and pencil test is available from your teacher.
All assessments for this unit/module must be completed before beginning the next moduule.  Assessments should be taken in science class.
Take your Summative test before going on to the next Module!
Intro to Geology presentation
Mineral Characteristics presentation
View this presentation before doing the  Mineral Identification Lab (below)
This introduction to geology is a great place to start.  A series of short videos will give you an overview of everything in the Geology Unit.  Put on your headphones, and sit back.  This is a MUST SEE presentation.  It takes about 55 minutes but you don't have to watch it all at once!
Mineral Identification
Types of Rocks
Rock Cycle
Rock Classification
Study Guide    
Rock Cycle
Rock Cycle
Study Guide    
Nature's Magnificent Crystals presentation
This presentation will run itself. Just pop on your headphones, set the controls to full screen, sit back and enjoy the beauty of nature. 
Microcrystal Lab
Mineral Identification Lab
(start here instructions and form)
Mystery Rock Lab
Study Guide    
ONLINE Lab (link to site)
Study Guide
Rock crossword puzzle

Rock crossword puzzle

Mr. Gonyo

Use the Rock Identification Booklet for answers

This interactive crossword puzzle requires JavaScript and a reasonably recent web browser, such as Internet Explorer 5.5 or later, Netscape 7, Mozilla, Firefox, or Safari. If you have disabled web page scripting, please re-enable it and refresh the page. If this web page is saved to your computer, you may need to click the yellow Information Bar at the top of the page to allow the puzzle to load.

Rock Identification Booklet
use this to complete the crossword puzzle
Rock Characteristics Lab
Interactive Rock Cycle
Module I        Module II        Module III        Module IV   
I am done with Module I when ...
I can identify the basic properties of crystals.
I can evaluate a mineral's characteristic properties of color, streak, luster, hardness, cleavage, and fracture.
I can identify basic minerals by examining their characteristic properties .
I can explain how igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks form.
I can identify basic rocks as being igneous, metamoprhic, or sedimentary.
I can evaluate a rock's characteristic properties of texture, mineral content, color, and special identifying characteristics.
I can identify basic rocks by name using a rock key.
I can explain the rock cycle.
I have visited every activity in this Module and evaluated it for its usefulness to me. 
I have placed the "very important" activites on my science website portfolio including study guides, images, and summaries.
I have completed the Summative Assessment.
Rock Cycle
What is a Mineral?
Fossil Quiz
Do the assessment questions at the end of the gizmo and click "check your answers" to send your teacher your score.  This will count as a summative assessment.
Do the assessment questions at the end of the gizmo and click "check your answers" to send your teacher your score.  This will count as a summative assessment.
Actual Mineral Samples for this lab can be found in the cart in the hallway.  Feel free to test them for hardness, etc.
Rock Samples for this lab can be found in the cart in the hallway.
Rock Samples for this lab are in your classroom.
Rock and Mineral Scavenger Hunt
The Rock and Mineral Samples are in the Hallway ... look for the "Scavenger Hunt" sign
You might need a "Rock Identification Booklet" to help!
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