Geology - the study of the Earth. 
Students will study the Earth as a dynamic planet undergoing constant change.  By exploring changes
      that have occurred in the past we can better understand current and future activity on our planet and
      the need to act responsibly to preserve a healthy planet for future generations. 
Click on the picture above to view a cool video of crystals growing.
   (viewed through microscope at 40x)
Click this picture to make the volcanoes Erupt!!
Click HERE for sugar crystal recipe!
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Module I        - Rocks and Minerals
Module II        - Physical Geology
Module III        - Historical Geology
Mineral Characteristics
Mineral Identification
Rock Identification
Rock Cycle
Plate Tectonics
Mountain Building
Geologic Time
Physical Events (coal and oil formation)
Biological Events (dinosaurs, etc)
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Eruption of Mt. Yasur
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