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Fetal Pig Sugery...this should be fun!
You think??
Human Biology Fetal Pig Surgery
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Fetal Pig Surgery
Fetal Pig Surgery Website
This website contains all of the information and instructions to guide you through Fetal Pig Surgery.  Begin with the "Pre Surgery Briefing" to prepare yourself and your surgical team for the Fetal Pig experience.
Pre Surgery Briefing answer sheet
   Click this link for an answer sheet that you can fill in on line.
Congratulations,  you have finally made it to  the Grand Finale of the Human Biology Unit... Fetal Pig Surgery!!
Next, you should visit the "Fetal Pig Surgery Website" and do the Pre-Surgery Briefing (see below).
and here
Other Pig Stuff:
"Fetal Pig Surgery in the Old Days" presentation
Abdominal Cavity Training Video
Thoracic Cavity Training Video
Cranial Cavity Training Video
Fetal Pig Surgery Training Videos
Note: these videos may need time to load, just hit play and come back later when they are loaded (right click to "rewind" the video).  You may also view in full screen.
Watch these Training Videos before performing surgery...please!!
Fetal Pig: The Movie
              (if you've got 9 minutes to kill)
Featuring Katelyn, Holly, Karly, and the pigs
New Lessons from Interactive Science