Labs  from the CSI Unit:
Crime Scene Investigation
Crime Scene Investigation
Fingerprint Database
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Shoeprint Lab Instructions
Shoe Size Comparison Chart
Powder Analysis Instructions
Powder Analysis Chart

Fingerprint Analysis
Shoeprint Analysis
Fiber Analysis
Powder Residue Analysis
Handwriting Analysis
Tool Mark Analysis
Ink (chromatography) Analysis
Chemical Residue Analysis
Hair Analysis
Lab Report Form
Tool Mark Lab directions
DNA Analysis
Spectral Analysis (Toxicology)
Fingerprint Lab Instructions
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Handwriting Analysis Lab Instructions
Handwriting Database
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Chromatography Analysis Lab
Handwriting Database
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Fiber Analysis Lab
Hair Analysis Lab
How to Dust Fingerprints Instructions
Toxicology Lab Instructions
Toxicology Database
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DNA Pea Extraction Lab - obtain real DNA from crushed green peas!
DNA Analysis Lab  instructions - analyze the evidence
DNA Database
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Important: Fill out a seperate Lab Report Form for each Lab
Check with your lab supervisor to see if additional evidence is available
Blood Typing Analysis
Check with your lab supervisor to see if additional evidence is available
DNA from Cheek Cells Lab
Online Introduction
another method ...
a Drop of Blood Lab - Synthetic Blood Typing
Note:  this lab is divided into two parts.  In Part 1 you will be making a slide of synthetic blood to view under the microscope.  In Part two you will be typing blood and determining which donor could safely give blood to our patient.  You MUST do the two activities above before doing this lab.
Note: you did this lab in the Human Biology Unit.  You do not need to do it again, but you may need to review it and apply what you learned to help solve this crime.
(do fingerprint activities first )
Do activites before labs
(do fiber activities first )
(do Powder Residue activities first )
(do handwriting activities first )
(do tool mark activities first )
(do chromatography  activities first )
(do hair analysis activities first )
(do toxicology activities first )
(do DNA activities first )
summary of directions
Search Warrant Required
New Lessons from Interactive Science