Activities   from the CSI Unit:
Crime Scene Investigation
Crime Scene Investigation
Fingerprint Database
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Fingerprint Challenge
Fingerprint Analysis
Shoeprint Analysis
Fiber Analysis
Powder Residue Analysis
Handwriting Analysis
Tool Mark Analysis
Ink (chromatography) Analysis
Chemical Residue Analysis
Hair Analysis
Spectral Analysis (Toxicology)
DNA Analysis

Fingerprint Activities instructions

Wonderville Fingerprint Activity
Fingerprint Pattern Analysis Activity /
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Chromatography Instructions (start here)
Chromatography VIDEO
(2 minutes)
Chromatography Challenge
Handwriting Database
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Handwriting Challenge Instructions
Handwriting Sample Book A          Handwriting Answer Sheet A
Handwriting Sample Book B          Handwriting Answer Sheet B
Fiber Analysis Activity
Tool Mark Activity
Handwriting Analysis Introduction (start here)
Hair Analysis VIDEO (start here)
Hair Analysis Intro and Quiz
Powder Analysis Activity
Toxicology Acvtivity
Toxicology Database
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DNA activities instructions

DNA Activity 1: Create a DNA Fingerprint          (worksheet)
     a) It Takes a Lickin 
     b) DNA Fingerprinting
     c) Evalutate the Evidence

DNA Activity 2:          (worksheet)
     a) DNA Extraction
     b) PCR Virtual Lab
     c) Gel Electrophoresis
     d) DNA Microarray

DNA Database
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