Cool Stuff
Cool Stuff
     This page contains links to web sites that our 8th grade students have selected as their favorite cool science stuff.
If you have a favorite site that you would like to see included here, drop me a note at and I will check it out.  If it meets our standards of educational coolness we will pop it onto this page.  If you are a current student of Mr. Gonyo you can ask about extra credit for finding a site.  If you are not a current student, you can ask anyway but I'm not sure what you will use the points for.
Arbor Scientific CoolStuff pages - this link is filled with cool stuff; careful, you could get lost in here!
- this link will take you to the British Broadcasting Corp. Science and Nature Site.  
You could spend your entire life here and not see all there is to see.  Great site!!        
New Lessons from Interactive Science