Links from the Chemistry Unit:

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Exploratorium: Ten Cool Chemistry Sites
Periodic Table printable, color

Balancing Chemical Equations:
     Dr. Yue-Ling Wong's Balancing Equations Tutorial
     Chembalancer classic
(tutorial and practice) 
Review Chembalancer (tutorial and practice)
     Brain Boggle Chembalancer (hold on to your brain)
     Balancing Chemical Equations
(tutorial and practice)
     Online Equation Balancer
(enter as guest)
     Intelli Balancer
(free trial software)
never download anything to a school computer-

Molecular Mass Calculator
Structure of Matter (Kinetic Molecular Theory)
The Elements Song Music Video
FunBrain Periodic Table Game
Yahooligans! Element Lab
Chemistry Comes Alive! Sample Movies
Interactive Periodic Tables:
     Los Alamos Periodic Table
     Dynamic Periodic Table
     The Periodic Table Standard
     American Chemical Society Periodic Table
     Periodic Table Flash
     Periodic Table Making Sense
     Spry Periodic Table
     Atoms and Molecules Periodic Table
(scroll down)
Atomic Structure:
     Atom Builder     worksheet
       if it does not work install the Shockwave extra installer
Chemical Bonding:
     Covalent Bonding Tutorial
     Ionic vs. Covalent Bonding
     Freeman Bonding Tutorial
Chembalancer Answer
Freshney Periodic Table
Excellent Periodic Table Software that you can download to your computer ... it's free!
   Do not load on school computers
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New Lessons from Interactive Science