Chemistry - the study of matter and how it changes
Students will investigate the properties of matter from hands-on lab activities and eye-opening
      teacher demonstrations.  We will be very responsible in what we show and tell your child but don't be
      surprised if they want to come home and blow things up!! 
How to make "Stupid Putty"
Module I      - Phases of Matter
                                    Phase Change
                                    Physical and Chemical Changes

Module II   - Exploring the Periodic Table

Module III 
- Atomic Theory 
                                    Atomic Structure
                                    Molecules and Compounds 
                                    Naming Compounds  


Module IV  
- Formula Writing
                                     Balancing Chemical Equations
                                     Rate of Reactions
                                     Types of Reactions (Synthesis, Decomposition, Replacement)

Module V    -  Families of Elements

Module VI  
- Acids and Bases

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Physical Change involves a change in physical properties (no new substance is formed).
Chemical Change involves a change in chemical properties (a new substance is formed).
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PhET simulations: experiment with these simulations and answer the questions on the online study guide.
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Extra Challenge - these activities will take you beyond 8th grade science ... why not give them a try?
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New Lessons from Interactive Science